About Us

Grated ginger has been synonymous with Elegance, Quality & Value - assuring and offering customers all over the world with the finest Lightings, along with embellished gift accessories and home accents.

We are a team who are passionate about ‘experiences’. Each of our products is the embodiment of our philosophy to build a better living experience. Our product developers, designers and quality managers all play an important role in making us achieve this goal.

We remain open to work with design partners, developers and factories all across the world, to help create products that are aesthetically appealing, affordable and functional in nature. Let us help you see your life in a different light.

Grated Ginger Lighting has designed, manufactured and supplied decorative lighting for over a decade and has built its foundation on quality customer service along with in-stock products.

The idea of Grated Ginger Lighting came into existence because we wanted an easy way for those who are looking for a vast collection of lighting products on a certain budget and also for one working as their own contractors and designers.

Grated Ginger manufacturing department includes designers and engineers to help businesses, design professionals and retail customers to create the desired products. All work is carefully controlled and inspected from initial inquiry to packing and shipping. Our long term experience has enabled us to bring unparalleled workmanship to every project and we take great pride in quality, materials and craftsmanship for our products. All our light fixtures/ fittings are handcrafted and hand finished by artisans from all over India and the Material are locally sourced most of the times. Supreme quality materials like Brass, Stainless Steel or Aluminium are used for enhancing the durability.