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  1. Floor Lamps – Lighting your mood

    Floor Lamps are basically used for task lighting. These tasks include reading on the couch, Knitting, etc. any activity which requires a decent amount of light. The Floor Lamps apart from their above mentioned uses during the nighttime can also be easily used during the day time after drawing up the curtains in the afternoon. Not only does it ensure adequate amount of light for the task, it also ensures that one’s eyes don’t get strained too much. One of the more likeable features about floor lamps are that they are adjustable and movable. You can reposition them and aim the light wherever you require just by moving the arms or the shade. It is this flexibility which results in them being famous among the younger generation.

    The Floor lamps provide a soothing and ambient light to the room along with providing wide coverage across the room. One of their many strengths is that one doesn’t require anything other than electrical sockets to work. However, one must not categorize them mainly into the functional lighting camp. As mentioned above, Floor lamps can also be used to make design statements. They also give the outside world an indication of the home owner’s creativity with regards to designing a living room.

    However, different people prefer to have a floor lamp in their houses for different reasons. Some people want it to be the show stopper or the eyeball stealer and thus would add personality to the living room. While, some people would just want it to blend with the surroundings of the living room completely oblivious to everything else.  ‘Gratedgingers’ collection of floor lamps serves to fulfill any purpose. Whether it be the Collins Floor Lamp, with the multi colored round and Brown stand, or the Cohen Floor Lamp, with Big Biege Round and Brown Stand, the needs of the Floor lamp lovers are taken care of.

    Floor Lamps can bring character and add wonderful new elements to a living room. For example, consider combing a standing floor lamp with a small armchair and a concise side table to construct a cozy reading nook. In addition, the floor lamps can turn the so called ‘negative spaces’ into fashionable design features. The empty areas or the nothing areas in the living room such as the empty bay window or the space between the sofa and wall can be lit by the floor lamp, thereby adding depth to the living room and bringing it to life. This coupled with a semi translucent shade would give a soft and diffuse light which will help create a warming glow.

    The base of the Floor Lamp provided by Gratedgingers comes in different shapes and sizes with varieties which also include the Round and Brown Stand and a Steel Stand. These varieties allow the customers to pick their style of Floor Lamp base according to their preference. The lamp shades also vary from understated linens to brightly colored Ikat Patterns. These varieties help the customers to mix and match the base and shades of the floor lamp according to the style, period and décor of their living rooms.

    Selecting the right floor lamp which mixes in with the other furniture in the living room and gives it an artistic feel is of paramount importance. Not only should the lamp fill the task related lighting needs, it should also add to the ambience of the living room. Thankfully, ‘Gratedgingers’ floor lamps come in different colors as well as in different forms, with each one having the potential to light up a customer’s mood.

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    Now, the essence and charm of the interiors, the look and feel of the furniture all depends on the type of lighting in the room. Even though you set up your house with the finest interiors, a dull lighting is all that takes for the charm of the room to fade away. Lighting of the house brings out the colour in the other interiors. Here, we show you the different elements of Decorative Lighting needed to make your room shine like a jewellery. CHANDELIERS It is a highly decorative ornamental lighting fixture mounted on ceilings or walls, often used for ambient lighting. Chandeliers are hanging crystals used to illuminate the room with light. WALL SCONCES Wall Sconces are a type of decorative lighting that use wall for support. They are used to add sparkle to your room and can direct light upwards or downwards. They are also called as wall lights. PENDANT LIGHTING Pendant lights or hanging lights are suspended from the ceiling by a cord or chain directing light downwards. Pendant lightings enhance the look and style of the room. These fixtures are usually used in kitchens and bathrooms. TRACK LIGHTING It is a type of lighting where light fixtures are suspended from the ceiling and attached anywhere on a continuous track device. FLOOR LAMPS A floor lamp has its base on the floor and can be situated by the side of the bed or sofa. It can used for various purposes such as reading on the couch or any other activity. The lamp can be shifted as needed. TABLE LAMPS Table lamp is a small and sophisticated lamp situated on the table to add style to the room and can be used for activities such as reading and for decorative purposes. RECESSED LIGHTING A recessed lighting is a fixture installed in a hollow opening in a ceiling concentrating light downward.
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  3. Let’s Light Up A Masterpiece; the Living Room

    Most of the living rooms are basically entertainment centres apart from the lounging arrangement that is done in them. So, Lighting becomes an important feature of your interior design as it has the power to influence the psychological connect that a person builds with a room. If you have natural light pouring in your living room then it is definitely a blessing and this selection can make up for any shortcomings. For your guests or for your family, your living room is one place you should pay special attention when the lighting part is concerned.

    You can play with different kinds of lighting pieces in your living room and can replace your old lighting pieces with the new ones. Any kinds of lamps like floor or table lamps can be mingled with to give your room a new look. Lamps with their bases and shades are important ingredients of pattern as well as colour in the room. Put them close to a game table or a reading corner, on shelves or on sideboard. Placed on end tables or in other spots in the living room, a pair of matching lamps can easily help you achieve a formal look. Different kinds of lamps which are put asymmetrically will give a look of relaxation and spaciousness in the living room. On the other hand, if you put floor lamps they don’t consume a lot of space and can be easily used in corners where there are no table surfaces or shelves and another advantage is that they distribute light in a beautiful manner.

    In case you have heard about light layering then my dear your living room is a place where those layers are extremely important. So, let’s go through some bright ideas for making sure that your living room can accommodate its many functions.

     Ambient Lighting is for people who prefer bright lights in the room perfect for activities like watching TV, playing games, or being engaged in conversation. So overhead lighting like ceiling lights or track lights that is dim able is best for general illumination as it will ensure that distracting hotspots stay out of your eyeline. So, dim those overhead lights above or just in front of the television. Offset wall sconces and floor lamps are a less expensive way out. Picking a chandelier would make your living room dazzle in front of your eyes.

    Task Lighting is also minimal lighting where a reading or table lamp is positioned behind your seat which might be useful when navigating your remote control but cannot be used once the TV is switched on. Task lighting help you focus and also save you from the harsh and bright lights. Task lights can be pendants lights or drum lights that have an extendable arm.

    Accent Lighting can be easily witnessed in Art galleries or museums where you aim to give importance or focus on some parts of the room while shadowing off the others. They are perfect for highlighting some kind of art or décor or showing off some exquisite artefact in your living room.

    I am sure with the information I have given you will be able to play with layers and light up your living room perfectly.


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    Good choice of lighting makes or breaks the ambience of living space. It also adds style to the home décor. Proper choice of lamps, chandeliers and light fittings add a style and enhance the beauty of the interiors in the room. All the designer interiors of your house that you chose with utmost care will lose its charm, if not properly lit. Many a times, we notice that the perfect house with perfect interiors may seem unappealing, like there is something missing. You might have the best furniture, designer walls and ceilings designed by the finest interior designer of the city. But what is it that brings out the colour and beauty of your interiors? Yes, my dear friends, it is the lighting. Choosing the correct lighting will bring an unbelievable transformation to your room. All of us are not blessed with homes that allow natural sunlight to come in and light up the entire room. In such cases, we definitely need some artificial lighting to brighten up our homes. There are different types of lighting based on the space and task needed to perform. It is essential that all of us should these three types of lighting at our homes. Ambient Lighting The purpose of ambient lighting is to light up the entire room so that people are able to walk around safely from one place to another. Track lights, ceiling mounted fixtures, wall lighting, hanging lights, chandeliers are some of the recommended lights for ambient lighting. Task Lighting Task lighting is generally used where people need to perform specific tasks such as reading, sewing or writing. Here, the focus of light is concentrated on certain part of the room irrespective of the lighting on the other parts of the room. This type of lighting is required where the work to be performed requires concentration such as the office desk or children’s study table. Table lamps, floor lamps, pendant lights are some of the fixtures for task lighting. Accent Lighting Accent lighting is used to draw the attention of people to a specific area of the room. It is used to highlight specific architectural displays in the room such as wall paintings, frames, sculptures or other designer work. Accent lighting will add drama to the room. Wall lighting, Recessed lights, wall mounted fixtures are generally used for accent lighting. It is important to know our requirements and choose our type of lights wisely.
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  5. Table Lamp – Style and Substance

    Table Lamps are more often than not situated next to the sitting piece in your living room which is generally a sofa or a couch. People generally have either one or two table lamps on the either side of the sitting piece. At most time’s one table lamp is enough but if people do want to have a couple then the room would look better if both of them have the same ‘visual’ weight and height. This is because anything other than that would not align with the line of vision which could result in the aesthetic balance being disturbed. Mostly, the height of the table lamp should be decided based on the chair or sofa and the table beside it. More importantly, the height of the lamp should be such that the bottom of its lampshade reaches the eye level of the person seated next to it, hereby avoiding glare. Warmth and Intimacy is provided which the overhead lamps fail to provide when the light of the table lamp is brought down to task light. The number of table lamps to get for one’s living room depends on the other lighting sources for the living room. Generally, a table lamp would light up to 40 to 50 square feet. So, suppose if the living room is a 12 * 20 standard foot living room, than by that calculations one would need five table lamps to adequately light up the room. On the other hand, most of the apartments and homes have some form of lighting source in the form of overhead lighting which means the table lamps are used for task lighting or mood lighting. There are different types of table lamps available in the market and ‘Gratedginger’ has just the right mix for the customers to choose from. There is the ‘Slimliner: The Candlestick Lamp’, earlier versions of which resembled pre-electric lighting and which fit in extremely well a rustic décor. However, if you talk about today’s Candlestick lamps, they will just blow your breath away. They cover everything, right from ornate gilded tapers to minimalist glass columns resulting in its unique beautiful appearance. The thing which is not unique about them however is their slender, straight silhouettes. They are not one of those lamps which just blend it with the surroundings and become invincible sometimes to the persons in the living room. They catch the attention of every present member in the living room. Although they do take up a bit more surface space than usual and hence they are ideal for small nightstands, buffet tables and compact consoles. The other type of a table lamp includes the showstopper, which is the Sculpture Lamp. These kind of the lamps which are extra noticeable because of their unique base. Whether it be a Ginger jar lamp to complement a collection of chinoiserie or geometric creations to create panache, every idea for a sculpture base is covered by the Sculpture lamp. As a rule, the craftier or creative or attention seeking the base is, the simple should be the shade. That is why generally, to match or to contrast with the base, a plain white or an off-white shade is preferred, adding a bit of calm to the chaos underneath. In addition, a Linen Shade would provide a diffused light whereas a gold lining would add wamth. Conclusively, whatever the type of base and shade one chooses, one cannot ignore the fact that table lamps are an absolute must have for any living room. That’s because they help complete a perfect living room.
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  6. Table lamps for living room & bedroom from top brands and decorative table lamps at great offers

    Welcome to Table Lamps Table Lamps add a definite charm and accessories a space beautifully. And there are so many choices! Tall, short, metallic, ceramic, glassy. We sure know what its like to walk into a store and be spoiled for choice between the hundreds of options in front of us. At Grated Ginger, we understand how sizing can be important. Don’t worry, its not that difficult, after you’ve gone through our handy guide, you will have all the information you need to pick the perfect one for your living room and be sure it doesn’t mis-match or leave your guests getting a peek of the insides of your lamp. Start with the placement – where in the living room do you want to place the Table Lamp? Most common place is on the side table next to a sofa in the living room. If so, sit on the chair next to this table, and measure the distance from the table top to your eye level. You want the shade bottom to reach around here. So, anyone sitting on this chair never has to face the glare of a naked bulb. Unless, of course if the bulb is meant to be visible, in which case we’d go with a classy Edison bulb – these are quiet popular today! Lets start with the lamp height. Most lamps are approximate 30” tall, which is suitable for the living room. Standing by the side of a sofa, this lamp height should suitably illuminate the space and be enough for reading or having a snack. If, however, you want to use it on a side counter, go back to the rule of the eye-level as stated above, and make sure the bulb isn’t visible from the nearest sitting points in the room. Width-wise, we want the lamp to fit into the table its placed on. Generally, try and keep it at around half the width of the side table, to avoid the shade towering over from both sides. If you have a choice of shades, pick one who’s diameter is within 2 inches of the base’s length. Eg: If the base length is 14”, be sure the shade diameter is between 12” to 16”. For all of our products website we have strived to put in as much height and sizing information as is possible. If you’d still like some kind of detailed information do reach out and let us know via the chat box, our assistants will be glad to help out. These general guidelines should help you decide on a lamp to ensure you get the sizing right, no matter where you wish to place it.

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