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Floor Lamps – Lighting your mood

Floor Lamps are basically used for task lighting. These tasks include reading on the couch, Knitting, etc. any activity which requires a decent amount of light. The Floor Lamps apart from their above mentioned uses during the nighttime can also be easily used during the day time after drawing up the curtains in the afternoon. Not only does it ensure adequate amount of light for the task, it also ensures that one’s eyes don’t get strained too much. One of the more likeable features about floor lamps are that they are adjustable and movable. You can reposition them and aim the light wherever you require just by moving the arms or the shade. It is this flexibility which results in them being famous among the younger generation.

The Floor lamps provide a soothing and ambient light to the room along with providing wide coverage across the room. One of their many strengths is that one doesn’t require anything other than electrical sockets to work. However, one must not categorize them mainly into the functional lighting camp. As mentioned above, Floor lamps can also be used to make design statements. They also give the outside world an indication of the home owner’s creativity with regards to designing a living room.

However, different people prefer to have a floor lamp in their houses for different reasons. Some people want it to be the show stopper or the eyeball stealer and thus would add personality to the living room. While, some people would just want it to blend with the surroundings of the living room completely oblivious to everything else.  ‘Gratedgingers’ collection of floor lamps serves to fulfill any purpose. Whether it be the Collins Floor Lamp, with the multi colored round and Brown stand, or the Cohen Floor Lamp, with Big Biege Round and Brown Stand, the needs of the Floor lamp lovers are taken care of.

Floor Lamps can bring character and add wonderful new elements to a living room. For example, consider combing a standing floor lamp with a small armchair and a concise side table to construct a cozy reading nook. In addition, the floor lamps can turn the so called ‘negative spaces’ into fashionable design features. The empty areas or the nothing areas in the living room such as the empty bay window or the space between the sofa and wall can be lit by the floor lamp, thereby adding depth to the living room and bringing it to life. This coupled with a semi translucent shade would give a soft and diffuse light which will help create a warming glow.

The base of the Floor Lamp provided by Gratedgingers comes in different shapes and sizes with varieties which also include the Round and Brown Stand and a Steel Stand. These varieties allow the customers to pick their style of Floor Lamp base according to their preference. The lamp shades also vary from understated linens to brightly colored Ikat Patterns. These varieties help the customers to mix and match the base and shades of the floor lamp according to the style, period and décor of their living rooms.

Selecting the right floor lamp which mixes in with the other furniture in the living room and gives it an artistic feel is of paramount importance. Not only should the lamp fill the task related lighting needs, it should also add to the ambience of the living room. Thankfully, ‘Gratedgingers’ floor lamps come in different colors as well as in different forms, with each one having the potential to light up a customer’s mood.