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Good choice of lighting makes or breaks the ambience of living space. It also adds style to the home décor. Proper choice of lamps, chandeliers and light fittings add a style and enhance the beauty of the interiors in the room. All the designer interiors of your house that you chose with utmost care will lose its charm, if not properly lit. Many a times, we notice that the perfect house with perfect interiors may seem unappealing, like there is something missing. You might have the best furniture, designer walls and ceilings designed by the finest interior designer of the city. But what is it that brings out the colour and beauty of your interiors? Yes, my dear friends, it is the lighting. Choosing the correct lighting will bring an unbelievable transformation to your room. All of us are not blessed with homes that allow natural sunlight to come in and light up the entire room. In such cases, we definitely need some artificial lighting to brighten up our homes. There are different types of lighting based on the space and task needed to perform. It is essential that all of us should these three types of lighting at our homes. Ambient Lighting The purpose of ambient lighting is to light up the entire room so that people are able to walk around safely from one place to another. Track lights, ceiling mounted fixtures, wall lighting, hanging lights, chandeliers are some of the recommended lights for ambient lighting. Task Lighting Task lighting is generally used where people need to perform specific tasks such as reading, sewing or writing. Here, the focus of light is concentrated on certain part of the room irrespective of the lighting on the other parts of the room. This type of lighting is required where the work to be performed requires concentration such as the office desk or children’s study table. Table lamps, floor lamps, pendant lights are some of the fixtures for task lighting. Accent Lighting Accent lighting is used to draw the attention of people to a specific area of the room. It is used to highlight specific architectural displays in the room such as wall paintings, frames, sculptures or other designer work. Accent lighting will add drama to the room. Wall lighting, Recessed lights, wall mounted fixtures are generally used for accent lighting. It is important to know our requirements and choose our type of lights wisely.