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Now, the essence and charm of the interiors, the look and feel of the furniture all depends on the type of lighting in the room. Even though you set up your house with the finest interiors, a dull lighting is all that takes for the charm of the room to fade away. Lighting of the house brings out the colour in the other interiors. Here, we show you the different elements of Decorative Lighting needed to make your room shine like a jewellery. CHANDELIERS It is a highly decorative ornamental lighting fixture mounted on ceilings or walls, often used for ambient lighting. Chandeliers are hanging crystals used to illuminate the room with light. WALL SCONCES Wall Sconces are a type of decorative lighting that use wall for support. They are used to add sparkle to your room and can direct light upwards or downwards. They are also called as wall lights. PENDANT LIGHTING Pendant lights or hanging lights are suspended from the ceiling by a cord or chain directing light downwards. Pendant lightings enhance the look and style of the room. These fixtures are usually used in kitchens and bathrooms. TRACK LIGHTING It is a type of lighting where light fixtures are suspended from the ceiling and attached anywhere on a continuous track device. FLOOR LAMPS A floor lamp has its base on the floor and can be situated by the side of the bed or sofa. It can used for various purposes such as reading on the couch or any other activity. The lamp can be shifted as needed. TABLE LAMPS Table lamp is a small and sophisticated lamp situated on the table to add style to the room and can be used for activities such as reading and for decorative purposes. RECESSED LIGHTING A recessed lighting is a fixture installed in a hollow opening in a ceiling concentrating light downward.